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I started working in foreign lands during the early 1980. Since then, I have been to numerous destinations around the world for work, exploration and leisure trips.
While staying in each place, I would always look through my camera lens to capture any vibrant scene to showcase the places I have visited.

Being out of home so frequently, this site has been constructed mainly so that I could track my widely travel memories and showcase my travelogue or travel photographies to my friends and working associates, while keeping in constant touch with them; and also too share the site with all the people I travelled with.
The pictures you will find there are part of my extensive collection; there are shown in no particular order but simply by country or by specific travel themes.
This site is still under construction; therefore, you will find new images and new themes in the future
(To open the diaporama, you need to clic on the introduction photo of the destination that you wish to consult, then on the first photo of the serie)

To my working contacts and associates, I can be reached through the administration page ( password required) or ask for your password.
On the adminstration page, you will find my resume, my planning and a link to place an option for my work commitment.


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